Whew…what a week!

What a week I have had! One week ago today I was getting a thyroid biopsy and hoping for the best. The results of the ultrasound that prompted my biopsy did not look good, so to say I was nervous was definitely an understatement. As I’ve always said, cancer sucks…no, I mean that I don’t want to get cancer again because I don’t want my life to be interrupted so I was a little scared (but it really does suck πŸ˜‰). Thankfully, the biopsy found no signs of cancer and all tumors were benign!

But I still had my 3 Month check up pet scan right around the corner. For some reason, I wasn’t as nervous about this one. Maybe I had used up all my nervousness on the thyroid biopsy. I actually slept through the night last night and woke up still feeling calm. I was so calm in fact, that it took my scan tech a couple of tries to wake me up for my scan 😁. After you receive your infusion of radiation and sugar, you have to lie in a recliner in a dark room with a warm blanket for a little over an hour. For me, this meant putting on some music and going to sleep. I figured if I was able to do that, time would go quicker. Even funnier was that I fell asleep in the pet scan machine also. I guess I’ve had so many that I can relax during the procedure quite well.

After my scan, my friend Jill, met me for a quick lunch before we head to head upstairs for blood work and the results. Again, I wasn’t that nervous. We chatted and laughed and I got to catch up with all the nurses. And then it was on to the doctor to hear the results which were…. FANTASTIC!!! STILL CANCER-FREE! Even better yet, I don’t have to go back for 6 months. That is my longest time ever. I do have to go back every 5 weeks for a port flush. We decided to keep my port in place in case I need in the future. Honestly, my veins are shot. I had to get the infusion in a regular IV this morning, and it took the nurses four sticks before they were able to do it, so I don’t mind keeping my port which works well.

So basically, I have a check in with my hematologist at the end of this month, a flush of my port every 5 weeks, an appointment with my BMT doctor in 6 months, and another thyroid check in one year. Not bad for someone who pretty much lived at Moffitt for the past two and a half years 😊.

Now, what should I do with my time? Oh I know, cook for a lot of people! And how about live my life! And how about have fun with friends and family! And how about do lots of things and make plans for the future! All of that sounds wonderful. Don’t forget, I’m still celebrating my one year birthday πŸŽ‰.

I’m 1 year old









Although the nurse didn’t help me celebrate today when she gave me all of my one year immunizations πŸ€ͺ. Ouch! How do those infants do it? 5 shots! And another tetanus shot, so I will be super sore tomorrow….. And again, no lollipop or sticker πŸ˜’ Well, at least I’m getting closer to having some immunity again which means I can feel more safe out in public and when visiting crowded places.

Now that I can make plans, what should I do? I know, plan a super fun summer vacation for next year! hmmm, where should we go? πŸ³πŸ–οΈπŸοΈ πŸŒ…More on that later…. Also, how about planning some more immediate fun things. Any ideas? I am learning how to balance life and work and trying to see exactly where my life is headed. My life is so drastically different than 2 years ago that nothing would surprise me at this point. The best part is that I am open to the changes that life is bringing, and I’m enjoying it all.

And as always thank you for your love and support. I truly wouldn’t be here without it.

Ready to celebrate

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